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    Company History


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    ◆Founded in 2000, Tato become Magellan's general agent in China. We imported advanced GPS and core
      component such as chips, providing integrated systems to meet the requests of domestic market, accumulating
      abandunt experience.
    ◆In 2000, Tato build industry portal site :, now it has become one of the most abundant   information websites and update quickly.
    ◆In 2002, R&D department was established, Tato began to develop own GPS brands.
    ◆In 2004, Tato Panther series handheld GPS and Car navigation were released and very well received in the   market.
    ◆In 2005, customer service center was established, Tato has been providing all-round, one-stop services to   each customer.
    ◆In 2005, Tato E doctor 588 GPS was released.
    ◆In 2006, "51GPS" shop was set up successfully in Zhongguancun Beijing.
    ◆In 2006, Comprehensive service platform was build, the website is, Tato strive to provide
      location service for children, the old, pets, cars and logistics for free.
    ◆In 2006, Tato GIS data acquisition software was released and received very well by industries of   Forestry, Agriculture, Roads, Electricity, civil administration ec.
    ◆In 2007, Tato series GPS were released, integrated professional navigation and professional GIS point,   line and area data acquisition function, with "two-in-one" character.
    ◆In 2008, Tato E580 was released, E580 is a smart professional palm terminal GPS, it has abundant functions:
      GPS data acquisition, GPS professional navigation, phone, Internet surfing, Mobile office software, data
      transfer, pictures acquisition etc. The high quality and cost-effective professional are combined with 
      GPS,PDA and phone together, it's a good tool for users.
    ◆In 2008, Tato 430 series navigation were released, it integrated voice navigation and TV function together.
    ◆In 2008, Tato became Magellan's agent in China, and signed an agreement with Garmin for selling part of its   products.
    ◆In 2009, Tato became the general agent of Lowrance in China.
    ◆In 2010, Tato promoted Lowrance products of A, R, O, K series and sell quite good in the market.
    ◆In 2010, Tato became the general agent of Ashtech in China.
    ◆In 2011, Tato strived to add more distributors and expanded market share.
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